Fall Designs 2018



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eProductSales Adsela...

Breathtaking Design that is created with Natural Guinea Feathers. The beautiful Adsela follows the Natural feather curve making this pair of Wings look like they are caught in mid-flutter.


eProductSales Chantal...

A Regal and Enchanting Design made with long golden Natural Pheasant Feathers, The Chantal is the Queen of Wings.  Feather Angel Wings in Natural Pheasant Tail Feathers.


eProductSales Siren Natural...

Beautifully Iridescent, the Siren is elegant and breathtaking. Designed with two Tiers of Exotic Peacock Feathers, layered for style and elegance.  Feather Angel Wings in Natural Peacock Feathers.


eProductSales Bree Pink and...

Smart and Sassy, the Bree is designed to be Wicked and Stylish, just the thing to complete the perfect outfit.  Feather Angel Wings Solid Color available in a Variety of Colors.